Swarna Scheme


Kalyani Jewellers is pleased to introduce the Gold Monthly Savings Scheme (the “Scheme”) with the aim of providing our customers with an opportunity to accumulate savings in gold, either in the form of gold weight or gold amount.



The minimum amount required to enroll in the Scheme is Rupees 1000, and the customer can choose any amount in multiples of Rupees 1000.


Scheme Types:

The Scheme has two subtypes, namely, the Gold Amount Scheme and the Gold Weight Scheme. In the Gold Weight Scheme, the monthly installment amount will be converted to gold weight at the prevailing market price. In the Gold Amount Scheme, the monthly installment will be kept as an amount only.


Monthly Installments:

The monthly installment date will be provided at the time of enrollment and the gap between each installment is 30 days. The installment amount is fixed and cannot be changed later. The customer must pay the chosen amount for 10 months.



The Scheme will mature on the 12th Month since the date of joining.



Upon maturity, the customer can redeem gold jewelry for the value equivalent to their scheme amount or gold weight accumulated. For any additional purchases beyond the scheme value or weight, the customer will have to pay the value for the jewelry and other value-added charges.

  1. In case of Gold Amount Scheme, one month bonus would be added from our end and customer can redeem at the end of 12th month.
  2. In case of Gold Weight Scheme, customer can buy the gold jewellery equivalent to the weight of gold accumalated. No making for the gold jewellery upto the weight of gold accumalated  


Payment Terms:

The customer must make the monthly installments properly, failing which the scheme benefits shall be reduced depending on their timeliness of payments. The minimum lock-in period is 180 days, after which the customer can redeem the Scheme. If the customer wishes to redeem the Scheme before the maturity date, there wont be any scheme benefits.


Payment Modes:

The customer can make their payments directly at store using various payment options such as cash, credit, debit cards, UPI, and cheque. Also customer can pay their monthly installment through our website or through our virtual account bank transfer modes. The customer must submit their PAN number if the value of 11 installments is expected to exceed Rupees 175000.


Early Redemption:

Terminating the Scheme before 300 days since the date of joining will result in the customer losing all Scheme benefits. The customer must have paid at least 6 installments to be eligible for Scheme benefits.



Only the person whose name was used at the time of enrollment can redeem the Scheme. In case the person who enrolled in the Scheme is disabled or expired, the nominee can redeem the Scheme by submitting relevant ID proofs with relevant certificates. If any gifts were given at the time of enrollment and if the customer terminates the Scheme before maturity, the value of the gift will be deducted from the scheme value.


Redemption Modes and Refund:

The Scheme amount or weight can only be redeemed as gold or diamond jewelry and the Scheme amount is not refundable under any circumstances. Only readymade jewelry can be purchased under this Scheme, and the customer cannot place orders.